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Halal Frozen Chicken Shawarma / Halal Boneless Whole Chicken Exporters

We ensure high food safety with a comprehensive quality system which means we make sure we meet food safety requirements from American, Chinese and European authorities, requirements from third-party auditors (certifications) and customer requirements.Overall, the quality system handles three areas for all products and processes: Good production practice, Food safety, Product quality

We supply the best quality of Frozen Processed  Whole Chicken, Grade A.

Brazil origin and We ship to USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Haiphong and other countries.

Our prices are affordable.
Grade A Processed Whole Frozen Chicken
White skin
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off
No bruises
No black pads or ammonia burns
No bad smells
No excessive blood or blood stains
White skin 
No broken bones
Outer yellow skin off
Well cleaned and fresh
Moisture content is less than 3%
No excess water

Quality Inspection: 

- Halal Approved

- SGS Inspection before shipment

- SIF Approved

- Brazil food Inspection

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Chicken SIF Approved..webp
Chicken SIF Approved.webp
Chicken SIF Approved...webp
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