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Available Brazilian best chicken brand we offer include Sadia Chicken brand, Seara Chicken brand, Auraro chicken brand and lots of other chicken brands here.

We supply grade A quality organic Frozen Chicken parts with Worldwide shipping 

Our Brazil Frozen Chicken Types Includes: Brazil Whole Chicken, Brazil Chicken Breast, Brazil Chicken Paw, Brazil Chicken Feet, Brazil Chicken Legs Quarter, Brazil Chicken Wings,  Brazil Chicken Drumstick, Brazil Chicken Thigh, Brazil Chicken Breast Inner Fillet, Chicken Back etc

Their major brands popularly exported around the world is carried out by the largest chicken producers in Brazil. Analyzing them with respect to their parent companies BRF S.A and JBS S.A. 

BRF S.A. is one of the largest food companies in Brazil and a leading poultry producer globally. Which was form by the merger of Sadia and Perdigão announced in 2009 and concluded in July 13, 2023 which was approved by CADE. Its major poultry brands include Sadia, Perdigão, and Qualy. As the process was concluded, both Sadia and Perdigão stopped functioning as independent companies and became subsumed as brands under BRF's portfolio.


JBS S.A S.A. is the largest animal protein company in the world, with significant operations in beef, pork, and chicken production. Headquartered in São Paulo, JBS has grown into the biggest poultry producer in Brazil through acquisitions of major brands like Friboi and Seara. Became a publicly held company in 2007, and in the same year received a major investment from BNDES. Operating 38 processing plants and 30 distribution centers in Brazil. Exports fresh and processed chicken products to over 150 countries. Major export brands are Seara and Friboi.

Top Best 5 Exported Brazil Frozen Chicken Brands

  1. Sadia - Owned by BRF S.A., Sadia is one of the oldest and most popular chicken brands in Brazil. It produces a wide range of fresh and processed chicken products.

  2. Perdigão - Another leading brand owned by BRF S.A. Perdigão offers poultry products like chicken cuts, marinated chicken, breaded items, etc.

  3. Seara - Owned by JBS, Seara is a major chicken brand in Brazil focused on whole chickens and processed items. It exports to over 150 countries.

  4. Friboi - Also owned by JBS, Friboi specializes in fresh and frozen chicken cuts and processed chicken products. It has a strong presence domestically and internationally.

  5. Aurora - Owned by Aurora Alimentos, it produces fresh and frozen chicken under the Aurora brand. It is one of the largest poultry exporters from Brazil.

Other notable brands include Valeport, Doriana, Qualy, Maturatta and Cevados. But Sadia, Perdigão, Seara, Friboi and Aurora make up the top five chicken brands in terms of market share and consumer preference in Brazil currently. They have widespread domestic availability and global export reach.

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