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Brazil: Chicken meat shipments maintain flow above 400 thousand tons in 2024 - South Africa - United Arab Emirates

According to data compiled by ABPA, chicken meat exports (considering all products, including fresh and processed) totaled 404.9 thousand tons in January, a number 3.8% lower than the 420.9 thousand tons registered in the first month of 2023.

In the same period, export revenue reached US$683.6 million, a balance 20.2% lower than the total recorded in the previous year, with US$856.6 million.

In the ranking of export destinations are Japan, 40.1 thousand tons imported in January (+6.4% compared to January 2023), followed by the United Arab Emirates, with 38.7 thousand tons (+7.5%), China, with 38.4 thousand tons (- 36.2%) Saudi Arabia, with 34.9 thousand tons (+7.9%) and South Africa, with 31.9 thousand tons (+8%).

Among the exporting states, Paraná remains in the lead, with 165.9 thousand tons shipped (+3.8%), followed by Santa Catarina, with 90.7 thousand tons (-4.8%), Rio Grande do Sul, with 54.3 thousand tons (-15.3% ), São Paulo, with 23.5 thousand tons (-3.1%) and Goiás, with 19.3 thousand tons (-2.9%).

"The monthly flow of exports remains above 400 thousand tons, within expectations for the first month of the year. Despite the complex situation surrounding the Red Sea, the nations of the Middle East remain in the spotlight, with significant increases in imports", analyzes ABPA's markets director, Luís Rua.

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