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Many of our frozen chicken products are available with strictly controlled Halal certification. Halal chicken is one of our bestselling products in the frozen chicken trading market.

Nurturing life is our commitment for brf frozen meat. That is not limited to food production – it goes on to the projects, initiatives and causes that we embrace. To deliver quality Halal chicken products, we rely on a team that is dedicated to innovating every single day. We are more than 100 thousand employees in the entire world. we are number 1 frozen chicken exporters.A numerous team that has a global vision, while at the same time pays attention to local needs.wholesale frozen chicken is BRF S.A

BRF distribute Halal frozen chicken in more than 150 countries around the globe. We work with top frozen chicken brands who sells woldwide such as : Seara (JBS SA), Sadia (BRF SA), Super Frango, Pif Paf, Minuano,Minerva Dawn Farms, Marfrig, Lar, Globoaves, Frinal, Doux, Diplomata, C.vale, Cossisa, Copagril, Copacol, Coopavel, Ceu azul Alimentos, Bondlo Alimentos, Big Frango, Aurora, Agroveneta . We deliver our services and products to our customers in the following food sectors: manufactures, commodity wholesalers, foodservice distributors and serving retailers.we are first amongs brazil chicken companies

BRF S.A Where We Are?

Since the birth of BRF in 2009, we started Frozen chicken export, offering specific products to each sector and a unique variety for those who appreciate quality in food. Our products reach more than 150 countries, spread across the five continents, with renowned brands such as Sadia, Perdigão , Qualy , Danica and Paty .BRF Frozen meat is the best amongs brazil chicken companies

BRAZIL CHICKEN SUPPLIERS It is the operation with fundamental value in the execution of BRF’s strategy. As the largest producer of animal protein and Brf is largest exporter of frozen meat, it has a portfolio of more than 800 products, highlighting Sadia, the most valuable food brand in Brazil; Perdigão, which makes up 80% of the categories of the industrialized food segment and Qualy, present in 7 out of 10

The Brazilian slaughterhouses have international certifications and follow quality procedures recognized and used all over the world, such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), SPOH (Standard Procedure of Operational Hygiene), among others.we supply wholesale frozen chicken to many countries everymonth. Brf frozen meat is consumed and loved by many countries including China.

In order to guarantee safe and healthy products, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply implemented the National Plan for Control of Residues and Contaminants (PNCRC) that contemplates the recommendations of the Codex Alimentarius and was approved by audit missions from the European Union.BRF frozen meat is branded in Sadia,Perdigao Qualy etc.

Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements efficiently and cost-effectively Long-term relationships that are appreciated by all parties Guaranteed and audited food-chain safety Economical handling and efficient transportation worldwide Proactive development of new markets Your partner for joint business and product development.

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