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Fertilized Chicken Eggs/ Cobb 500 Broiler Chicken Eggs/Fresh Cobb 700 Fertile eggs for sale - United States

The Cobb 500 hatching eggs in United States produced by BRF SA in Brazil are sold to :

– Family farms that raise broiler chickens

– Companies for incubating and hatching eggs

– Companies selling chicks and broiler chicks

-Companies producing poultry and raising broiler chickens

– Poultry companies

-Poultry trading companies

Sizes available for export:

A carton containing 360 fertilized eggs distributed Netherlands into 12 trays. They are exported via refrigerated air freight.

Fertilized Eggs Intended for Hatching produces eggs intended for hatching type Cobb 500 on its farms in Brazil. These types of eggs are characterized by being produced from mothers preventatively immunized against all diseases that affect broiler chickens during breeding.

The Cobb 500 eggs for hatching produced by “brfsaglobal”® in Brazil are characterized by being resistant to diseases that spread in the Middle East and these eggs have been genetically improved so that the chick converts the feed into the meat during a short breeding period ranging from 36 days to 45 days. The produced grown chicken can weigh more than 2 kg. A 24-day old hen can weigh between 850 to 1200 grams.

The “brfsaglobal”® Cobb 500, which is designated for hatching, store the meat in the breast area. This is one of the reasons why Cobb 500 outperforms other types of eggs in the breeding phase and marketing stage after breeding.

Among the other types, the Cobb 500 is the most resistant to disease and has an excellent response to vaccinations that are given to it on the farm.

Our farm fresh eggs and customer service have won us the patronage of customers from as far as the Middle East, Africa and Asia.The eggs are preserved in the cleanest of environments and are packed in the safest materials and international standards.Fresh White and brown eggs Color  :  White & BrownSize   :  Small, Medium, Large and Extra largeWeight:  Ranging from 45gms to 63gms.  Available Grade: A


Egg Size required 80 % Large ( 60 to 64 gms ) 20 % Medium ( 55 to 59 gms) 80% (White shell eggs ) & 20% ( Brown Shell Eggs) Shipment Details.1. Number of Eggs per Tray = 302. Number of Trays in Carton = 123. Number of Eggs in Carton Box = 3604. Number of Carton Box in 40 Feet Container = 1312 cartons5. Shipment Mode = By Refer Container6. Total Number of Eggs per 40 feet container = 472360Based on the specific requirements of the importing country, eggs can be printed with production Date, Expiry date, and country of Grade Ink approved by FDA is used for printing on Eggs

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