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Grade "A" chicken feet wholesale suppliers -  Brazilian chicken feet & Paws  distributors - Hongkong

Are you in search for best pricing on brazil SIF Approved Grade 'A' ‎chicken feet and paws wholesale suppliers in Brazil?

Brazil frozen chicken feet/paws suppliers offers fresh frozen Grade "A" brazil chicken feet/paws in various sizes or weight with the assurance of being safe and healthy for consumption, Brazil frozen chicken paws are from animals reared in extremely hygienic conditions and are free from any harmful impurities or chemicals, assuring consumers of a wonderful experience. 

Brazil frozen chicken feet/paws suppliers is SIF & AQSIQ approved for distribution, supply, export in Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, Taiwan,  China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, South Korea  and the world at large facilitating your delivery needs, keeping our promise and timely delivery,  

where you will find a large selection of quality Brazilian chicken feet/Paws at discount bulk buy wholesale chicken feet prices ?


As a grade 'A'  brazil frozen Chicken feet and paw wholesale Suppliers,  we have team up with leading frozen chicken feet/ Paw manufacturers and producers in Brazil to supply nutritious and low-fat chicken feet and paw.


Brazil frozen chicken feet/paws suppliers maintain transparency in our services and let the customers choose the right chicken feet/paw according to their needs.

Brazil frozen chicken feet/paws suppliers are  committed to delivering the best quality brazil chicken feet &  paws that meet and exceed your requirements.

Chicken FEET and PAW Grade A - CIF 

Place of Origin: BrazilAvailability: 50 x 40’ containers/month, 12 monthsSpecs:

  • 35- 55 Grams 

  • Length 10-13 Centimeters

  • Feathers Off

  • Washed and Cleaned

  • White Skin Only (Outer Yellow Skin Off)

  • Moisture Content Less Than 3%

  • No Bad Smell

  • Black Spot Less Than 3%

  • No Bruising

  • No Excessive Blood or Blood Stains

  • Broken Bones Less Than 3%

  • No Burns

  • No Hair

  • No Chemical Burns

  • Drainage 1°C - 5°C for 8 Hours

  • Shelf Life 24 Months

Freezing Process: BQF Block Quick Frozen at Minus (-40°C) Forty Degrees CelsiusStored Temp: Stored at Minus (-18°C) Eighteen Degrees Celsius at All TimesTransport Temp: Transported at Minus (-18°C) Eighteen Degrees Celsius at All TimesPackaging: Outer: Standard Carton 15kg / Inner: (3) Three 5kg LayersCarton Label: Standard International Labels Accepted by China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan Authorities and  Customs for Frozen PoultryTransit Time: Approximately 30-40 DaysPayment Terms: TTIncoterms: CIF


  1. SIF Approved/ Worldwide Shipping

  2. Halal Certification

  3. Full Service Partner

  4. Active OVER decades

  5. Reliable Network

Discount SIF Approved Frozen chicken feet and Paws suppliers in  Brazil

Being a reputed and veteran  Brazilian chicken feet and paw suppliers,  We are always committed to supplying the best frozen chicken feet and paw in Brazil. Edibility is the major concern and that has been ensured through standardized meat processing and packaging processes. We supply feet of chickens which are grown in organic farms. No harmful chemicals are used in meat cutting and processing. For packaging, no harmful preservatives are used. These standardized processes result into safe to consume or edible chicken feet. Pasteurized and perfectly packaged feet are supplied to our customers with perfection. Please contact Brazilian Chicken Feet Suppliers for a quote TODAY.


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