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This article discusses chicken exporting companies, as well as indicating reliable sources of suppliers for delicacies such as frozen chicken feet.

Poultry farming in Brazil has been one of the areas of greatest development in recent decades and its progress has not only been limited by the numbers of chickens slaughtered or the number of eggs produced, but also in consideration of its economic and social importance in terms of low cost and source of quality protein for human consumption.

Chicken feet is a delicacy disputed in the international market.

Despised and even discarded by many consumers, for a long time the chicken foot was known as one of the least appreciated offal of the bird. But that started to change when the world discovered its nutritional properties, especially the abundance of collagen. This good reputation greatly increased the internal and external demand for the feet, which, from a by-product, ended up becoming the most expensive cut of chicken in Brazilian butchers and supermarkets.


Demand has undergone major changes and there are two well-defined reasons:

1 - China is the biggest buyer, as the Chinese already consume chicken feet like Brazilians eat popcorn, anywhere, watching a movie, at home or on the street.

2 - The wide dissemination of its nutritional properties, mainly the abundance of collagen, which is very good for the skin and bones.

Internally, the subject gained articles, indications from nutritionists and became an alternative to collagen replacement.

The demand

As Brazilian slaughterhouses and chicken producers noticed the demand, they made it their goal to standardize and qualify the product, directing part of the production to the foreign market.

Brazil is the biggest exporter and China the biggest buyer, as it values and pays more than the rest of the world.

The Chinese market values chicken feet, imports increase every year. “In China they like to prepare the product well fried as if it were popcorn and this is part of their traditional diet”, highlights BRF's Global Institutional Relations manager, Luiz Tavares.

Functional properties of crow's feet

Chicken feet are an extremely nutritious food, and contain a high content of vitamins, collagen and minerals, such as: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, protein, magnesium, choline, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, proteins, folate, phosphorus, omega 3, omega 6, and

potassium (IOUGUE, 2019).

Top 10 benefits of crow's feet:

• Maintains blood pressure levels;

• Decreases stress; regulates hormones;

• Strengthens the immune system;

• Rejuvenates the skin thanks to the collagen they contain;

• They favor rapid healing; Strengthens bones and nails;

• Improves the digestive process; Increased platelets;

• Improves circulation.

Among the by-products of chicken slaughter, chicken feet have many tendons and ligaments in their constitution, with a high amount of proteins and lipids, highlighting the high levels of collagen among proteins (SANTOS, 2010; TANAKA;

SHIMOKOMAKI, 1996; LIU et al., 2001; LIN; LUI, 2006). In addition to its traditional industrial use in the production of gelatine. Collagen-rich tissues are important for stabilizing emulsions and providing textural properties in hamburgers, sausages, frankfurters and


Classification of frozen chicken feet

The chicken feet product is classified commercially, according to the requirements of the purchasing markets, in three specifications: type A, better quality feet, which do not present any injury; type B, of second quality, which present limited lesions in their extension; type C, feet with extensive lesions, therefore inedible and intended for rendering.

Factory Direct Delivery 30g up Frozen Chicken Meat Short Chicken Paw Feet

The export

Since 2004, Brazil has been the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, according to information from the Brazilian Association of Chicken Exporters.

Brazilian exports of chicken meat should total 4.7 million tons in 2022, an increase of 11% compared to the 2021 record of 4.225 million tons, said in a report the representation of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Brasilia (DF).

Brazil's strong competitiveness in the foreign market in terms of price, added to the potential to maintain export levels, should continue to bring opportunities


Brazil's protagonism as the world's largest chicken meat exporter has attracted the attention of fake professional sellers. Scammers who operate in this market and who have sophisticated the scam modality.

Today it is possible to access a website of a famous slaughterhouse, request and receive quotes. At the end of the negotiation, the buyer discovers that the site was cloned and that he was deceived.

The frauds involve cloning of websites of exporting companies, sales slips that did not happen, falsification of product labels that were not produced in Brazil, use of false SIF's, cloning of e-mails, creation of fully structured ghost offices (including banking), among others. To inhibit criminal practices, the exporting agroindustries have even organized internal compliance areas exclusively to deal with fraud.

There is little care, as scammers forge all kinds of documents, send photos, videos, among others.

If this is your first purchase then you need to be warned.

There is a great movement in Brazil to curb and identify scammers. Brazilian Federal Police, Interpol, ABPA are attentive and denouncing, investigating and punishing those responsible.

A tip is that you only access reliable sources. You can't do a simple google search and click on the first sites you find. The crooks clone everything and the website addresses are very similar to the original ones.

We will introduce you to two reliable sources, they are:

1 - MEAT SUPPLIERS GUIDE containing 30 chicken meat exporters, 12 pork exporters, 19 beef exporters. All companies have been verified. In the guide you will find Brazilian manufacturers, contact names and means of direct contact such as the website, telephone and email of the sales and export department, without going through intermediaries.

Valuable tip: On pages 19, 27, 43 and 44, there are some of the major exporters of chicken feet and legs in Brazil. And you can talk to them directly.


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