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Wholesale Supplier Whole Seara, Tyson Chicken In Kyrgyzstan

Wholesale Supplier Whole Seara Chicken In South Korea, Thailand, Haiphong

We supply the best quality of Halal Frozen Whole Chicken Grade A Brazil Origin We ship to Maldives, Saudi Arabia, USA, Europe, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Iran, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Romania, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Libya, Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, Haiphong and other countries.

BRF S.A. SIF 103Rua Jorge Tzachel, 475 –Fazenda, Itajaí – SC, 88301-600, Brazil

Business Whatsapp: +556135508139

Available Brazilian best chicken brand we offer include Sadia Chicken brand, Seara Chicken brand, Aurora chicken brand, Jagua chicken brand, Tyson chicken brand, Jagua chicken brand and lots

Tyson Foods, Inc. · Pilgrim's Pride Corporation · Sanderson Farms, Inc. · Perdue Farms, Inc. · Foster Farms · Wayne Farms LLC.

Buy the best beef, pork, chicken and lamb online from Perdue Farms' popular chicken brands and meat brands, including Niman Ranch, Coleman Natural Foods,

BRF S.A Rua Jorge Tzachel, 475 –Fazenda, Itajaí – SC, 88301-600, Brazil

Business Whatsapp: +556135508139

We are reliable SIF approved bulk buy Brazil Halal Frozen chicken suppliers, delivering at the best value and at the most competitive pricing worldwide

Supplying retailers, foodservice-distributors, commodity wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers with best pricing on grade 'A' brazil whole chicken, wings, chicken Breast, chicken drumsticks, Frozen chicken Feet, Paw, Legs and other chicken parts.  


We understand the importance of price, quality and service. Allowing you to fulfil your business requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. 


With outstanding relationships as a top rated  SIF approved  Brazil halal chicken wholesale suppliers, We been exporting and supplying  to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, South Africa, Netherlands, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Chile, France, Mexico, Angola, Ghana, Congo, Equatorial guineas, Malaysia and major export markets worldwide,

We export not only high quality meat and poultry products but also the highest standard of logistics and documentations back up to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction from point of order right up to delivery.


 All of our Brazil SIF approved Poultry Products are SGS inspected and certified under HACCP rules, ISO, HALAL etc

Bulk buy Brazil Halal chicken wholesale suppliers to Asia, Africa, Middle East

We feel proud to be one of the leading bulk buy halal chicken suppliers in brazil that offers  consistent quality and taste to build trust. We have been in the market for the longest time because of the quality products we offer to our customers.

The Halal Process – Our Brazil Halal chicken are slaughtered individually by hand, in accordance with Halal guidelines. Our facility maintains a strict adherence with all humane animal treatment and slaughter requirements, including cut accuracy, Direction to Qiblah and a lengthy bleed time.


You can count on us as reliable Brazilian frozen chicken suppliers.

 Joint Our 3300+  Global Clients Enjoying Best Pricing on Grade A Halal.

       Email us for Today’s undisputable Prices & Discounts.

 BRF S.A Rua Jorge Tzachel, 475 –Fazenda, Itajaí – SC, 88301-600, Brazil

Business Whatsapp: +556135508139

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