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Fertilized Eggs Intended for Hatching produces eggs intended for hatching type Cobb 500 on its farms in Brazil. These types of eggs are characterized by being produced from mothers preventatively immunized against all diseases that affect broiler chickens during breeding.

The Cobb 500 eggs for hatching produced by “taiba farms”® in Brazil are characterized by being resistant to diseases that spread in the Middle East and these eggs have been genetically improved so that the chick converts the feed into the meat during a short breeding period ranging from 36 days to 45 days. The produced grown chicken can weigh more than 2 kg. A 24-day old hen can weigh between 850 to 1200 grams.

The “taiba farms”® Cobb 500, which is designated for hatching, store the meat in the breast area. This is one of the reasons why Cobb 500 outperforms other types of eggs in the breeding phase and marketing stage after breeding.

Among the other types, the Cobb 500 is the most resistant to disease and has an excellent response to vaccinations that are given to it on the farm.

Features of the Cobb 500

  • Fast conversion rate “The speed in converting the feed that the Cobb 500 consumes during breeding into meat”.
  • High conversion rate “High conversion value compared to other types so that the Cobb 500 converts the feed it consumes during the breeding process into meat at a high rate”.
  • Resistant to widespread diseases that spread during breeding.
  • Low breeding costs for chicken meat production.
  • It is the most cost-effective in terms of feed.
  • Broiler homogeneous, chunky chest, full of meat
  • Competitive value in breeding compared to other types.
  • Competitive value inbreeding. (Higher productivity and less growth of fattening period)


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