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Best Brazilian Chicken Brands Exporting Companies - Suppliers - Mauritania

Brazil is one of the dominant pasture raised chicken producers and supreme exporters in international market with most exports coming from Sao Paulo port. Supplying both Halal and non-halal frozen chicken products to meet global demand for chicken meat. Frozen chicken exporters coherent and experienced management source the highest quality chicken cuts directly from our Brazil poultry farm​.

Brazilian chicken companies are known for their brand quality, flavor, and affordability. With recent 2023 data from on Brazilian poultry companies, the largest chicken producers and exporting companies in Brazil are BRF S.A and JBS S.A dominating production and exportation both domestically and internationally across the poultry production chain.The foremost 5 Brazilian chicken brands are Seara, Aurora, Perdigão, Frangosul, and Sadia. 

Their major brands popularly exported around the world is carried out by the largest chicken producers in Brazil. Analyzing them with respect to their parent companies BRF S.A and JBS S.A. 

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