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Brazilian chicken meat exports increased 20.9 percent in Iraq

Brazilian exports of chicken meat (including all products, both fresh and processed) ended 2023 with total exports of 5.138 million tons, reports the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). The number confirms the projections outlined by the association for the year, accumulating an increase of 6.6% in relation to the total exported in 2022, with 4.822 million tons.

In revenue, the year's increase was 0.4%, with a total of US$9.796 billion accumulated in the 12 months of last year, against US$9.762 billion in the same period of 2022. 

The year's good performance was consolidated with the result achieved in December. In total, 467.2 thousand tons of chicken meat were exported in the period, a number 20.9% higher than that recorded in the twelfth month of 2022, with 386.3 thousand tons. It was the second largest volume shipped in a single month in the history of the sector, surpassed only by the 514.6 thousand tons exported in March 2023. 

As a result, revenue generated by exports in December totaled US$818.9 million, 4.3% higher than the US$785 million obtained in the same period in 2022. 

"Despite the challenges of the year, including a scenario with marked variations in markets and production costs, the result is highly positive and confirms the projections outlined by ABPA for the year, while at the same time indicating the export trend that we should observe throughout 2024. For the first time we surpassed the mark of 5 million tons exported. In this context, the good news released at the end of 2023 brings expectations of a sustained movement in international sales, whether in relation to consolidated markets or even with the opening of new ones", analyzes the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

In December, Japan took the lead as the main destination for chicken meat exports from Brazil, with 55,900 tons imported, a volume 53.9% higher than the total recorded in the same period of 2022. In second place, China imported 50.3 thousand tons (+8.5%), followed by the United Arab Emirates, with 44.3 thousand tons (+27%), Saudi Arabia, with 39.5 thousand tons (+56.3%) and Africa of the South, with 31.2 thousand tons (+10.8%). 

"There was a general increase in chicken meat imports by the main destinations of our products, which justifies the record performance for the month of December", highlights ABPA's markets director, Luís Rua.

The largest exporter of chicken meat in Brazil, Paraná shipped 2.087 million tons throughout 2023, a number that exceeds the total exported in the previous year by 9.69%. Next are Santa Catarina, with 1.103 million tons (+8.48%), Rio Grande do Sul, with 739 thousand tons (-2.13%), São Paulo, with 292.6 thousand tons (+6.32 %) and Goiás, with 236.8 thousand tons (+21.3%). 

"In the year in which we recorded the first outbreak of Avian Influenza in wild birds in Brazil, the results obtained through exports attest to the world's confidence in the excellent work in biosecurity carried out by companies in the sector, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the secretariats state and municipal agriculture, which allowed the country to remain free from Avian Influenza", concludes the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

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