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Brazilian Chicken Meat Exports - Japan, - Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong

Chicken meat. In 2020, chicken meat exports from Brazil increased by 11.3% in August, reaching 362.4 thousand tons, according to information from the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA). Last year, 325,700 tonnes were exported in the same period. According to the USDA, the constant and continuous demand from large Brazilian chicken importers is the main contributing factor to the large Brazilian exports of chicken meat. China leads the ranking of countries that most import chicken from Brazil, and showed a 46% increase in imports of the commodity in 2020.

In addition to China, shipments to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates increased by 24%, with a total of 46.7 thousand and 25.8 thousand tons, respectively, in August 2020. Another major consumer of Brazilian chicken, the European Union saw an increase of 14% in its imports, totaling 21.8 thousand tons.

“The monthly movement of exports was positive in practically all major importers of chicken meat in Brazil. The upward trend in exports contributes to reducing the impacts of rising costs in the face of the pandemic and the rise in grains, ”says Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA. China leads as the main destination country for Brazilian chicken meat, followed by Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong. Chicken meat is the sixth most exported product by Brazil.

We ensure high food safety with a comprehensive quality system which means we make sure we meet food safety requirements from Brazil, American, Chinese and European authorities, requirements from third-party auditors (certifications) and customer requirements.Overall, the quality system handles three areas for all products and processes: Good Production Practice, Food Safety, Product Quality.

We supply the best quality of Whole Frozen Chicken (Griller), Grade A. Brazil Origin And We ship to USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Phillipines, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Iran, Singapore, Canada, SouthAfrica, Uzbekistan, Romania, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Libya, Netherlands, South Korea, Thailand, Haiphong and other countries.

Our prices are affordable. Specifications;Grade A Processed Whole Frozen Chicken (Griller)White skinNo broken bonesOuter yellow skin off Brazil Frozen Chicken ExportersSpecification:No bruisesNo black pads or ammonia burnsNo bad smellsNo excessive blood or blood stainsWhite skin No broken bonesOuter yellow skin offWell cleaned and freshMoisture content is less than 3%No excess water

Quality Inspection: 

- Halal Approved

- SGS Inspection before shipment

- SIF Approved

- Brazil food Inspection

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