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Frozen Chicken Manufacturer, Suppliers, Chicken Wings Distributors

brfsaglobal chicken offers you the best quality grade A Whole frozen chicken, are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements.

As a wholesale frozen chicken company, we are specialized in exporting premium chicken and Chicken Feet, a wide range of chicken cuts to Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. In short, worldwide shipping to any port. Many of our frozen chicken products are available with strictly controlled Halal certification. Our Top 10 Main Export Market: – Direct Chicken Export To China, – Direct Chicken Export To Hong Kong, – Direct Chicken Export To Canada, – Direct Chicken Export To #Europe, – Direct Chicken Export To #America, – Direct Chicken Export To Japan, – Direct Chicken Export To South Korea, Thailand, – Direct Chicken Export To Thailand, – Direct Chicken Export To Singapore, – Direct Chicken Export To #Africa, ​Contact Us For The Best Quality Of Halal Whole Frozen Chicken, Chicken Feet, Chicken Wings, Chicken Legs, Chicken Breast . Wholesale Supplier Of Frozen,Best chicken paw manufacturers in USA.

Contact Us Directly For More Info: EMAIL : Business Whatsapp: +556135508139 Our Website:

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