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Seara Frozen Chicken Breasts Boneless Skinless ( 1000 GM * 12 Pieces ) - Saudi Arabia

​Specialized in sourcing, producing and distributing the freshest frozen chicken breast in global market to meet worlds demand for chicken breast. Our wholesale halal frozen chicken breasts meet growing consumer demand for high-quality Islamic-compliant poultry. 

As a top halal frozen chicken breast supplier, we adhere to strict halal protocols including hand-slaughter by experienced Muslims reciting tasmiya and 100% vegetarian-fed diets containing no animal by-products. We offer boneless, skinless chicken breasts that are expertly trimmed leaving no blood or veins. Quick-frozen to preserve freshness and flavor, with our individual vacuum-sealed packaging prevents cross-contamination. All halal criteria certified including no stunning and thorough draining. Perfectly portioned. Our natural chicken breasts have a sought-after light taste and tender texture. We supply premium halal chicken breasts ideal for grilling, curries, sandwiches, salads, and more recipes to reach new halal consumer markets with our high-volume chicken breast inventory at wholesale prices. Trusted across the UAE, Middle East, and internationally, we are leaders in quality halal poultry for retail, restaurants, and food manufacturing. Partner with us to meet growing halal frozen chicken breast demands. Get started by contacting our sales team today.. 

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Contact Us Directly For More Info:

Business Whatsapp: +556135508139



 Whatzapp +55 61 3550-8139

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